entering venues

Every venue has a different method of entering and checking in.  It can be confusing at first, but it gets easier the more places you work.  Every location has security checkpoints

Fiserv Forum: Entrance is alongside the truck loading docks where Highland Ave dead ends into 6th St.  

The Pabst: Enter the stage door on Wells St halfway down the block between Water St and the river.  If a concert is going on, you must wait outside until the Steward lets you in backstage. 

MPAC: The stage door is on the north side of the building facing State St.  You must go through security to be allowed backstage.

Miller High Life Theatre: The stage door is on the north side of the building by the truck loading dock.  

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: Enter through the door at the top of  the stairs directly next to the dock in the alley.

The Milwaukee Rep:  The main entrance for stagehands and employees is inside the Milwaukee Center with three entrances on Kilbourn, Water, and Wells.  Once inside, proceed to the box office where there is a glass door to enter.  There is a person stationed inside that can direct you where to go.

Panther Arena: The stage door is on the north side of the building on State St. next to the loading ramp that goes downhill.  Once inside, proceed down the ramp towards the arena.

Wisconsin Center District Convention Center – Ballrooms, Exhibit Halls, Breakout rooms: The entrance for the convention center is on the west side of the building on 6th St. between Wisconsin and Wells, but closer to the corner of Wisconsin.  There are truck ramps going up, and a line of glass doors to the left side.  Enter through the glass door on the far left, there is a doorbell if it is locked.  Once inside proceed up the stairs through security.  You must check in by writing your name in the log.  Once through, you proceed across the hallway to the stairs – up for Exhibit, down for Ballrooms.  Expect a bit of a walk to find the correct room or hall.  Ask security for directions when you enter if you are unsure.  When you leave for the day – you must sign out at security!

Riverside Theatre: Enter by the loading dock door on the north side of the building in the alley.

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